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About UMUC Ventures

UMUC Ventures is an innovative new business model for higher education, that brings innovative services and products that help higher education institutions compete more effectively in an era of rapid advances in technology and revolutionary changes in higher education.

In 2016, the University System of Maryland Board of Regents established UMUC Ventures as a 501(c)3 supporting organization for UMUC. Additionally, UMUC Ventures is certified by the University System of Maryland as a High-Impact Economic Development Activity (HIEDA) to economically benefit both the State and the System.

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about us

Transform Higher Education
Enable cloud access, anywhere.
Innovate programs based on student demands and program requirements.
Reduce tuition.
Improve student outcome.

The UMUC Ventures


To grow UMUC’s endowment to improve affordability for UMUC students.

The UMUC Ventures


To provide resources for UMUC to expand educational development and delivery by identifying new revenue streams, including service offerings within innovative UMUC operations, to support a UMUC endowment/fund.

How does UMUC Ventures work?