Our Story

Why UMUC Ventures?

UMUC Ventures recognizes that higher education is in the midst of a “perfect storm.” Colleges and universities like UMUC are facing rising costs, increased competition and changing demographics. At the same time, students with financial limitations are struggling to complete degrees and achieve their career goals. The higher education business model must transform.

UMUC Ventures is Leading Higher Education Forward by identifying revenue-generating opportunities to support the transformation of higher education. We then return the proceeds to the UMUC endowment to maintain the affordability of a high quality UMUC education for adult learners in Maryland and around the world.

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Our Story

Pillar 1

Why UMUC Ventures?

We are Student-centric
UMUC Ventures’ proceeds go directly toward maintaining an accessible, affordable and quality education for UMUC students.



Pillar 2

Why UMUC Ventures?

We are Education-centric
Education institutions have unique operational needs that require specialized solutions. UMUC Ventures brings to market the innovative, proven enterprise solutions that have supported UMUC’s high-quality, industry-leading global education delivery for over 60 years.

Pillar 3

Why UMUC Ventures?

We are Forward-leaning
UMUC Ventures carries forward the UMUC tradition of educational innovation and academic excellence. Our unique business model combines higher education expertise, technology innovation and business-to-business relationships while never forgetting our mission, to ensure that high quality education is available and affordable for adult learners in Maryland and beyond.